Field & Stream: the CP400 is “One of the Best”

High praise from Field & Stream reviewer Taylor Pardue, who says the CenterPoint CP400 “gives new meaning to the term ‘tacti-cool'”, combining the features and performance of far-more expensive products in “one of the best crossbows at its, or any other, price point.” Thanks Taylor and Field & Stream! That's what we were aiming for and we’re glad you agree CenterPoint hit the mark.

If you’re after a hunting crossbow, click on over to Field & Stream to read the full review and find out why the CP400 is one of the first crossbows a hunter should consider if he or she is looking to get into the game.”


Check out these features on the CP400:
  • 400 foot-per-second speed and 142 foot-pounds of energy - Shoot with buck-stopping power, speed, and accuracy.

  • 10.5” wide un-cocked or just 6” ready to fire - Play this one close to the chest with its slim profile.

  • HeliCoil™ technology - Revolutionary tech allows for perfectly balanced rotating cams, resulting in an incredibly compact bow with exceptional downrange accuracy.

  • Complete accessory package - 3x32mm illuminated scope, two 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points, detachable quiver, rope cocker

  • Dual-purpose folding stirrup and bi-pod

  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety

  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Available with Silent Crank - Easy on/off quiet cranking device reduces cocking effort by up to 80%.

Get your hands on the CP400 with Silent Crank or the standard CP400, and gear up just in time for hunting season!

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