Wrath 430: Rated Best of 2022 by Outdoor Life & More

The reviews of the Wrath 430 are pouring in and they confirm what you’ve long known: CenterPoint brings more to the table.

Outdoor Life just published its Best Crossbows of 2022, Tested and Reviewed and the Wrath 430 ranked in as Best Value. In their tests, it shot a 3.27-inch group on average at powerful take-down speeds, all in a compact package with a silent crank and at a fraction of the price of competitor products.

Women’s Outdoor News writer Sharenda Birts also just got converted to crossbow hunting with the help of the Wrath 430. As soon as she saw it, she knew it was a bow that meant business. Sharenda has been hunting for ages with a shotgun and a bolt-action rifle, but that might be changing. The Wrath 430 gives her the accuracy and power she was seeking in order to make an ethical shot.

Chalk us up another member of the CenterPoint Crew.


Wrath 430


And what about you? Are you ready to experience the Wrath 430 for yourself? If you’re looking to upgrade or to get started with crossbow hunting, Outdoor Life confirms it: the Wrath 430 is 2022’s best value.

Order the Wrath 430 today! 




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