Take Your Best Shot with the CenterPoint TAG Foregrip

Everything the Crossbow Hunter Needs in One Package

CenterPoint TAG Foregrip


Add a foldable CenterPoint Tactical Archery Grip (TAG) Foregrip to your CenterPoint crossbow and take your best shot. The TAG Foregrip fits most CenterPoint crossbows with a lower Picatinny rail, either replacing the stock grip or — if there's space for both — attaching in addition.

This ergonomic, soft-touch folding grip is usable in either the extended or folded positions, transitioning with a simple button push. Deploy it vertically to enhance support and stability. Excellent for use with Predator hunting accessories!


  • Foldable, ergonomic, soft-touch foregrip

  • Enhances support and stability

  • Fits most crossbows with a lower Picatinny rail

  • Usable in both extended and folded positions

  • Clamps to a Picatinny rail with 5/32 hex head screw


The CenterPoint TAG Foregrip is available at centerpointarchery.com for $49.99.


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