Spring Turkey Prep Pt. 1

With warmer weather moving in, it's time to focus on turkeys.

We've got a list of three main things to think about when it comes to scouting your next gobbler, as well as some do's and don'ts.


Turkey leg

Hunting Apps and Remote Scouting

With the advent of trail cameras and other technological breakthroughs, you can now scout without stepping foot in the forest. That means getting the information you need sent directly to your phone through cameras and apps like SpyPoint , which means not spooking the gobblers.

Hunting map apps, such as HuntStand, also help tremendously. Satellite views of your hunting ground can help you identify roosting points, hidden fields for strutting, and potential terrain features that could hang a bird up. Taking advantage of these tech assists, especially in combination, can be a game-changer.


Long Range Scouting for Turkey

Once you’ve gotten a remote view of where you’ll be hunting, it’s time to get into long range scouting. You can—and should—watch field edges, burns, and open woods with spotting scopes and binoculars before you get up in a bird’s business. Doing this keeps you well out of range of being spotted or being considered a threat, even if you are seen by your intended target. 

Keep an eye on travel routs, fly down areas, and roosting sites. Long range scouting is one of my personal favorite ways to ready myself for a hunt.


Active Scouting for Turkey

Active scouting is a tried and true method, and one that produces effective results. It will potentially put you in position to bump into a bird, so be ready!

Active scouting means putting your boots on the ground so you can look for tracks, feathers, wing drags, dust bowls, strut zones, and water and food sources. Having prior history of a property is very valuable when it comes to active scouting. Knowing where you’ll find the right vantage point for glassing or listening is gold. You’ll also have a far better idea of what the birds could be up to with some knowledge from previous years or off-season scouts.

Feeling eager to get started? Stock up on these staff picks to be ready for the season. 

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