How to Choose the Right Crossbow for Your Budget

At CenterPoint Archery, we know every archer comes from a different financial place. However, we believe everyone that wants to learn the art of archery deserves a warm welcome to this ancient and honorable way of life. Our selection of crossbows has a product designed to be the best value crossbow for your budget. 

Virtually all of our crossbows come with an accessory package that includes a scope, quiver, arrows, and more. They also integrate feature design innovations like our Whisper Silencing System™ that help reinforce the value you’re getting when you choose CenterPoint Archery.

Let’s learn more about what goes into our bows and what your different options are.

Recurve Budget Crossbows

The Hornet Budget Crossbow by CenterPoint Archery.


Not to be mistaken with classic recurve bows (more on those later), a recurve crossbow is simpler than a compound crossbow and easier to maintain. They tend to pack less wallop, so they’re more appropriate for small game hunting and target practice.

Our new Hornet™ Crossbow is a budget crossbow that’s great for pest control and more. It can be an excellent choice for someone who has never used a crossbow before.

For shooters who need a little more power, we also designed the TyroTM 245 Crossbow, shooting arrows at a 245 FPS, which is fast enough to take on small game.

Mid-Priced Crossbows

The Amped 425 Budget Crossbow with Silent Crank by CenterPoint Archery.


Many of our customers decide that the best value crossbow for their budget is one of our classic mid-priced bows. With these bows you can hunt big game, as well as shoot targets at much greater distances. These are modern compound crossbows that take advantage of a cam system to pack more power into a smaller frame, while also reducing draw weight.

A great example of this design is our Amped™ 425 Crossbow. In addition to a cam system, it also comes equipped with a whole swath of our innovative technology, such as a silent crank that reduces the draw weight significantly while also keeping your crossbow quiet. It’s great for hunters who see a silent crossbow as the best value for them.

High-End Crossbows

The Wrath 430X Compound Crossbow is a best value crossbow at the higher end of CenterPoint Archery’s offerings.


What makes a crossbow worth a high-end budget? It cuts out the fat and sculpts the lean that remains into something extraordinary. No gimmicks — just clean, pure power and innovative features that meet the needs of expert archers.

The Wrath 430X Compound Crossbow is one of our most revolutionary crossbows yet. It’s our fastest-shooting crossbow, yet it measures only 9 inches axle-to-axle when cocked — making it much easier to carry and handle than bulkier options. This high-budget crossbow is part of our all-new 2022 line of crossbows, and we specifically engineered it to be a contender for the best value crossbow in our entire lineup.

Don’t Go It Alone

It is often said that hunting is a deeply solitary activity — an archer alone in nature. Hunting is seen as an escape, a way to get away from it all. Fair enough. But that’s not the whole story.

Hunting is about community. Even in ancient times, both the hunt itself and the festivities afterward were a time of joyful togetherness. It’s about passing down this ancient tradition to your kids — giving them their first bow and spending precious moments to raise them into the next generation of archers. It’s about spending quality time with your spouse or family, away from the phones and the TV.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you’re using a budget crossbow or the best value crossbow in your budget. That’s just a matter of money and personal taste. What really matters is the people you’re with and the memories you build with them

Learn More About Our Bows and How to Make the Most of Hunting Season

Check out our archery blog to find more articles about crossbow options for every budget, prepping for hunting season, luring animals out in the field, and for our Bowhunter’s Gift Guide.

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