The CenterPoint Hellion 400 Hunt Ready Kit: an All-in Crossbow Hunters Package

Everything the Crossbow Hunter Needs in One Package

Hunt Ready Kit

The CenterPoint Hellion 400 HRK (Hunt Ready Kit) is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one crossbow hunting solution containing everything a hunter needs for the field. Start with the CenterPoint Hellion 400, an 8” wide, 400-fps fast, fully adjustable crossbow with folding stirrup. To that powerful bow, add an illuminated 4x32 scope, nine accurate .003-straight, 100% carbon arrows, and a full set of Deadpoint broadheads — each designed to deploy for maximum lethal impact with a 2-inch cutting diameter for an ethical harvest. The Hellion 400 comes equipped with a fully padded, non-slip sling to keep you mobile while afield.

Even more, transport your entire Hellion 400 HRK to your hunting grounds with the included, padded Hybrid Crossbow Case, integrating a semi-rigid arrow compartment, dual cinch straps, two exterior side pockets, and padded shoulder strap. No one else offers such a complete package of crossbow hunting essentials. If you’re eager to make the most of every day, grab a Hellion 400 HRK and you’re ready to hunt.


The Hellion 400 HRK includes:


  • Hellion 400

  • Hybrid Crossbow Case

  • CenterPoint Crossbow Sling

  • 9x 20" .003” arrows

  • DEADPOINT™ Broadheads

  • 4x32 Illuminated Scope

  • Detachable quiver


The Hellion 400 crossbow features:


  • 185 lb. draw weight to transfer high kinetic energy with every shot

  • 8" cocked / 12" uncocked: one of CenterPoint’s slimmest crossbow profiles, crafted for quick movement and easy carry

  • CNC-machined aluminum rails and cams for durability and smooth shooting

  • Roller retention spring for consistent and repeatable arrow tension

  • Folding stirrup doubles as an adaptable bipod for increased stability and accuracy


All you need to supply is time to hunt — the rest comes in the Hellion 400 Hunt Ready Kit.



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